Second Kunskapsskolan school launched in India

Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden, has announced that it is expanding its base in India with the launch of its second school in Gurgaon named, Kunskapsskolan International School. The new school is expected to carry forward the legacy of Kunskapsskolan’s flagship school in India, Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon, which began its first session in April 2013.

“The overwhelming response to our flagship school, and the appreciation we have received for  Kunskapsskolan’s teaching methodology and KED program, are what have provided us with the impetus to expand our base in India and set up the second school in Gurgaon,” said Mr. Anders Bauer, Executive Vice-President of Kunskapsskolan responsible for India. “We’re confident that Kunskapsskolan International will further showcase the quality and vision that has enabled Kunskapsskolan to transform  the educational landscape in multiple countries with its chain of approximately 50 schools around the globe including Sweden, UK, and USA!” Kunskapsskolan International

Kunskapsskolan Gurgaon is a CBSE school which offers K12 education based on the KED program for Indian and international students backed by the highest academic standards in a world class learning environment. Kunskapsskolan Education has developed and offers an Indian version of its highly acclaimed KED program, adapted to IPC, Indian CBSE and IGCSE exam board. A unique feature of the KED program is that the learning process can be adapted to any curriculum.

The new school, Kunskapsskolan International, is a day boarding school set in a campus spread over 7 acres around Sector 70A of Gurgaon. Kunskapsskolan International follows the CBSE Curriculum up to Grade 6 and from Grade 7 onwards provides the option of choosing between the CBSE and the Cambridge/ IGCSE curriculum.

“Our vision for Kunskapsskolan International is to empower our students to face the challenges of tomorrow through an amalgamation of strong academic and life skills programs,” said Ms. Sunitha Nambiar, Program Director, Kunskapsskolan Eduventures. “Kunskapsskolan International combines academic rigor with personal development of students through the unique Kunskapsskolan Educational Program (KED). We aim to inculcate five values in students – Goal-setting, taking responsibility, time management, planning and collaboration. The process of inculcating these values is an extensive and structured one, spanning the child’s entire school life.”