Brands Impact International Quality Awards in Education

The International Quality Awards (IQA) have been announced by Brands Impact, one of the best branding agencies in India, to encourage quality improvements in both manufacturing as well as service sectors in India keeping in line with the vision of “Make in India” conceptualised by India’s Prime Minster Sri Narendra Modi.

Brands Impact International Quality AwardsParticipation in International Quality Awards is open to Educational institutions and research organisations, both from public and private sectors, Startups and SMEs, service and commerce organisations, Manufacturers, retailers, ecommerce and online retailers, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality Establishments, Real Estate and Technology companies, and even organisations and individual service providers and professionals.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Amol Monga, Chief Strategist, Brands Impact, said, “Lack of consumer awareness and the ever crowded marketplace call for clear distinction between those who are dedicated to delivering quality to their customers and those who are only aiming at making profits at the expense of consumers. International Quality Awards aims to bring more transparency to the marketplace and identify quality players in any and all consumer products and services categories. Our aim is to promote the concept of delivering consumer satisfaction through quality products and services.”

The IQA Award winners will be adjudged on the basis of significant achievements in customer satisfaction through their dedication to delivering quality products and/or services, comparable to their international counterparts. In short, IQA signifies that the quality that one’s brand stands for is comparable to international levels.

“International Quality Awards offer the participants an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the quality that their brand and services stand for. Being the winner of IQA will make sure that your brand rises to the next level of success and that your reputation gets a major boost as it is an indicator of the trust that your customers place in your brand,” concluded Mr. Monga.

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